Car Mouse Repellent Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Car Insect Repellent USB In-Line Portable Household Anti-Mouse And Mosquito Repellent


Color: White

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Mosquito repellent repellent type: mouse repellent

Appearance: gem-like

Rated voltage: 5 (V)

Rated frequency: 13.5-125K (HZ)

Rated power: 0.1 (W)

Type of packaging: boxed

Packing volume: 8*3*6CM

Color: pearl white, night black

Shell process: ABS

Product size: 32*12*42mm

Item model number: 708

Colors: White, Black

Material composition: ABS

DC: 5V / 1-2A

Rated power: 0.008-0.015W

Working current: 2-3.5MA

Sonic frequency: 10-135khz

Effective range: 10-80 ㎡

Gear mode: three gears (1st gear red and blue breathing light, 2nd gear pink and purple breathing light, 3rd gear red and blue warning light)

Product Features: (8-band ultrasonic infinite loop scanning) Ultrasonic physical repelling of ticks, fleas, mice and mosquitoes, no chemical substances for safe repelling. The product works at the same time to light up the colorful night light ambient light.


Ultrasonic physical expulsion

Say goodbye to traditional deworming

The traditional driving effect is not good, and there is secondary damage,

And we use intelligent frequency conversion ultrasonic physical drive,

No electromagnetic wave radiation, safe and environmentally friendly, effectively repelling pests


Intelligent frequency conversion ultrasonic

3 gears to drive away effectively

10-135Khz (8-band ultrasonic infinite loop scan)

Ultrasonic physical repelling of ticks, fleas, mice and mosquitoes,

Chemical-free safe flooding

Working Principle:

USB Ultrasonic Insect Repellent This device is based on physical principles and uses electronic simulation technology to achieve the effect of repelling mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, lice, and mouse pests. By emitting ultrasonic waves that can stimulate their brains and sympathetic nerves, they cannot tolerate those sound waves. , away from the ultrasonic protection range.

Vehicle-mounted convenient insect repellent/mouse repellent

Safer and more energy efficient

USB in-line use, while repelling mosquitoes, insects and mice, it can also optimize the current of the car circuit and reduce the loss caused by electrostatic turbulence interference.


360° all-round drive

10-80m applicable range

Ultrasonic covers a wide area, and long-term use can achieve ideal results

(Note: Ultrasound cannot pass through walls or solid objects)


Work safely outdoors

Say goodbye to mosquito bites

Plug it into a computer or a power bank, etc.

Will allow you to have a

Comfortable working environment, get rid of the troubles of mosquitoes


Safe without radiation

Safe for mother and baby

The product adopts ultrasonic physical drive, which is only effective for pests, safe and environmentally friendly

You can use it with confidence if you have babies, pregnant women, the elderly, etc. or pets


USB in-line power supply

More convenient to use

This product can be used with USB power adapter, computer, mobile power supply, car USB socket and other products, which is convenient to use.


Wide range of applications

Easily navigate various environments

Applicable scenarios: car, outdoor travel, camping, fishing,

Outdoor work, baby products, home interior,

Safe and environmentally friendly, harmless to people and pets.

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